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Introduction to the five major leagues

The Premier League

The English Premier League, usually referred as the Premier League, is the highest level of English football and one of the top football leagues in the world. It was established by the English Football Association on February 20, 1992 and has been publicly since 1992–93 season.

As an integral part of the English Football League system, every team in the Premier League is required to play home and guest matches with all other teams in the same level.

La Liga

The Spanish Football League, usually referred as La Liga or La Liga league, is the top football league in Spain. There are currently 20 teams in La Liga. The three teams with the worst results in the league will be relegated to the Spanish second division, and the top three in the second division will be promoted to the Spanish first division.

According to the official points of FIFA and UEFA, La Liga has been at the top of the standings for many years

Italian Serie A

The Italian Football League is the top Italian football league, managed by the Italian Football Association and operated by the Series A professional league.

The Series A teams have increased from 18 teams to 20 teams starting in the 2004-05 season. They will compete in a double round robin. The last 3 teams in the league list will be relegated to Group B, it's position is replaced by the top two of Group B, and the remaining positins will be contested for the play-offs from the 3rd to 8th in Group B.


The Federal Football League, commonly known in Chinese as the German Football League, or Bundesliga for short, is the highest level of German football. It was established by the German Football Association in Dortmund on July 28, 1962. It has been publicly since the 1963-64 season.


The French Football League is the highest level of competition in French football. It is supervised, organized and managed by the French Professional Football League under the supervision of the French Football Association.

The French Professional Football League is responsible for the management of France's two top leagues, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Founded in 1932.

Profit Plan [Trio]

3:3 100% stable profit plan

The most unlikely score "3:3" in football is the most reverse investment basis,The average daily profit is 2~3%,and the average monthly return is about 70~90%.

Accurate profit plan 200%

Lock in a relatively safe score and gain more than 3:3 to invest!Average daily profit 8~20%,Monthly income of 200 ~ 400%

High risk profit plan 90%

Precisely analyze each matches, and choose the most unlikely score from the middle score to invest,






Player of Year



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